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Tan Tip Tuesday: Tanning Times

You've decided you need some color to look great in your holiday outfits or to get ready for your next cruise...

Congrats & Welcome!

Now What?...

If this is your first time in the salon, remember you do know your skin better than anyone...BUT no two salons or health spas are the same. Many factors are at play when it comes to the amount of UV that is emitted from tanning units whether it is the amperage supplied to the room, condition of the acrylics, as well as lamp quality and hours.

Our salon consultants are trained and certified to advise each client on not only the recommended UV units, but also help you determine optimum tanning times and weekly tanning schedule to help you achieve your glow goals.

So, what's a good rule of thumb for your first tan?

Generally, I advise clients to take the maximum exposure time (in this case lets say 12 minutes) and cut that time in half. If a client has very sensitive and burn prone skin, we would recommend doing a minute or two less than half time as a precaution.

Remember, burned skin does not tan!

When you over expose and burn your skin, you NEED to let the burn heal before attempting to continue tanning.

When trying to build a base tan, we advise taking a day between sessions to see how your skin acclimates to UV tanning. If you don't experience any redness after your session, feel free to increase your tanning time by a minute at your next visit.

Using moderation to help prevent over exposure and fortifying your skin with quality tanning products will help you achieve your desired results! Be sure to ask one of our trained salon consultants which products they recommend for your skin type and goals.

See you at the salon!

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